The Seven Letters

The Letters written here are part of the original letters that contain the teachings of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A.). We have tried to interpret it in English. All the letters are written by Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty (R.A.) to Hazrat Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A.) during his lifetime are as Follows:

Letter One

Worshipper of the poor Moinuddin,

‘After Salaam it is to inform you that I am writing some pointers of the way of Allah Ta’aalaa; inform them to your true students and loved ones, so that they are saved from diversion from the true path.

My friend, the one who recognize God never questions and desires. The one who does not recognize God does not recognize religion. Secondly, leave greed! As the one who leaves it, is able to achieve their aim. About such a man God has said that the “one who stopped the wishes of one’s soul their house is in paradise. And the one whose heart he has turned away from HIM, he has wrapped their hearts in greed and laid them under this ground in shame”.

One day the king of Mages Bayzid Bastani (R.A.) has said that - “he heard a voice from God saying - O Bayzid! What do you want? I replied - God I want what you want? The answer he received from God is –then OK, you are mine and I am yours.”

Therefore, understand if you want to know the reality behind Tasawwuf or spirituality then close the doors to all your comforts, after that light your heart with the love of God. If you are able to do this then think you have become Sufi of Sufis. The lovers of God should do it completely from inner depth of their hearts. If they are able to do so, then they are saved from Satan and will receive the benefits of both the worlds.

One day my Sheikh Hazrat Khwaja Usman-e-Harooni (R.A.) said: “Moinuddin! Do you know who Sahib-e-Huzoor is? See, Sahib-e-Huzoor is the one who is always in worship and whatever happen to him regard it as a test or blessing from God. The one who regard life as God’s Grace and has attained this level is the king of the worlds, and the kings of this world are waiting for his grace.” Then Khwaja Usman—E-Harooni (R.A.) said to me that – “some dervish says that when the asker’s wishes are fulfilled then he does not have any confusion left. This is not right. Secondly some Dervish say that after reaching the destination prayer is not necessary, that is false as well.” Because Hazrat Khwaja Usman-e-Harooni says that: “Prophet Muhammad ﷺ always bowed in prostration before the lord, even if not one soul can match the station he has attained in God’s eyes”. Therefore, believe that if an Arif (knower) has attained a station before the Lord, then their worship and devotion desire more hard work. That is how he becomes the Master of Masters and recognizes God’s friendship’.

Letter Two

‘The purpose of writing this letter is that one day I, Khwaja Najmuddin Sughra (R.A.), and Khwaja Muhammad Tariq were sitting with my peer Hazrat Khwaja Usman-e-Harooni (R.A.), and a men arrived in my Peer’s presence and asked: “How to know one has attained God’s friendship?” The Sheikh replied that - “the good deeds you are doing are recognition of God’s friendship. Believe me the person who God has given the opportunity to do good deeds; HE has opened for them the door to HIS friendship”.

Then his eyes moistened and Khwaja Usman-E-Harooni (R.A.) related that, “Once there was a slave girl living in a men’s house, who use to get up in the middle of night and do wudu and thank the almighty and use to pray that - Lord I have reached near you, do not let me be far. One day the men listened to these prayers and asked her that - how do you know that you have God’s friendship? The slave girl answered - I know God has given me this strength; hence I wake up at middles of the night to pray. He has kept me away from being led astray. What might be better than this as HIS sign of friendship? After hearing this Master said to the Slave girl – Go, I have freed you.” Therefore a human should spend their night and days in prayers to the Lord so, that their name should be written with the one who are righteous and remained away from Satan’s prison.’

Third Letter

My friend, my teacher has told me that – ‘the secrets of the way of God should not be told to anyone other than the ones’ following God’s path. When Khwaja Shaikh Saadi (R.A.) asked my Peer-O-Murshid “how do we recognize the one’s that walks on the Lord’s path?”

He replied - “The one who walk on the path shown by our God leave this world behind and recognize the true form of god. The one who does not abandons the world, does not have even the smell of Dervish. Believing in one God is the road to truth. Fame and wealth both are very big gods; they have diverted and led stray many obedient faithful people. They have become God’s for some. The one, who renounce the love of riches and respect, has turned their back on them, starts walking on the path of Our Lord. This happens when not only recites the Kalama-E-Shahdah but also practices it.”’

Fourth Letter

‘The knower of truth and lover of God, my brother Khwaja Qutbuddin know that – the one who curbed their desires and become a dervish is the clever one. The people who are lost in this world regard God’s grace as a problem and world as a grace. Therefore, a clever person is the one who never thinks of the world and becomes a fakir. This world is ending and leaving this world and following the way of truth is the only right way. God has always been there and will always be there. So, one should always see God the truth behind the creation and always face towards the Lord.’

Fifth Letter

‘One day I was serving my Peer-O-Murshid Hazrat Khwaja Usman-e-Harooni (R.A.), a man came and said “I have achieved much knowledge and did a lot of practice but did not achieve my aim.”

Hazrat Usman-E-Harooni (R.A.) replied: “do one thing, you will be both a knowledgeable man and will achieve your aim? Leave this world. Leaving the material life is the secret of all worships. If you follow this hadith then you need no other knowledge. But saying this is easy, following this is difficult. This cannot happen till you become complete in God’s love and this love is born when God himself briefs you. No one can reach their motive without God’s guidelines.

Therefore humans need to always think of Lord’s nearness, and not to waste their time in aspiring for this world, but maybe think this time as opportunity to spend in Lord’s remembrance. Always behave with softness and never raise one’s head due to embarrassment of one’s sins. In any condition behave with love and gentleness, because generosity is prominent in love, worship and devotion.”

After this he related an incidence that Hatim bin Ussam was the disciple and follower of Hazrat Khwaja Usman-E-Harooni (R. A.). One day Hazrat asked “from how many days have you been in my service and love and how many days have you spent listening to me?” Hatim replied – “For thirty years I have been in your service.” Khwaja Usman (R.A.) again asked – “In this time period what have you attained and what have you benefitted?” He replied – “Eight benefits I have achieved and I do not need more than this?” Khwaja Usman decreed “Hatim I have spent my whole life in your work and I do not want that you profit more than this.” Hatim supplied “For me this much education is enough because the goodness of both worlds is in these eight benefits. He was permitted to relate them.

First Benefit - ‘First is this that when I saw people I realized every human has made something their lover and they are lover. And loved because their company is till the difficulties of death. So some follow you till death and some till the doors to grave. After this not one thing can follow you. There is no one who can go after the person to share their sorrows in tomb and light it and share the levels till judgment day. I recognized the lover full of these virtues is a human’s good deeds. Therefore I made my good conduct my lover and I started loving them, so that they can share my burdens in the grave. And become a light for me and do not leave me.’ Khwaja Usman related that - “Hatim, very well done.”

Second Benefit – ‘It is that I have properly observed people and recognized that everyone has become the enthusiast of greed and acquisitiveness, and for their physical comforts follows the path of self-indulgence and desire and then I reflected on this Aayaat - “The one who is afraid of God and controls ones urges , their abode is paradise.” I recognized the lord’s love and friendship will be attained by animosity with ones’ desires. Therefore I started standing against my wishes and hide them through the strictness of my devotion and did not fulfill them. I only relax in obeying God’s commands.’ Khwaja Usman-E-Harooni (R.A.) supplied “God gives you prosperity in it. You have understood and applied it well.”’

Third Benefit – ‘that when I experienc people’s situations I acknowledged that every person tries for the attainment of this world. Tolerate heartburn and trouble, then only is able to accomplish something from the inhabitants of this world and is happy for this that they have attained their motive in life. After this when I reflected on this Aayaat – “Whatever you have that is to be ended and whatever is with God that is to remain.”

Therefore whatever I had collected I distributed it in the way of the Lord and surrendered myself to HIM. So that my wealth be collected at the door of our Lord and become a way to my salvation on the Day of Judgment.’ Hazrat Khwaja Usman –E- Harooni (R.A.) relied that – “may the Lord grant you blessedness, you did well.”

Fourth benefit - ‘It is that when I observed people then I comprehended that some of them are proud on the greatness of their clan and community. Some perceive their children or riches as their esteem and are arrogant over it. After this I contemplated on this Aayaat – “Among you the one who would be considered as honored before God is the one who is highly calm and a greatly devotional.” Then I realized that this is the only truth and the belief of the people is wrong. Consequently I adopted abstinence and worship so that I go before God as HIS friend.’ Khwaja Usman (R.A.) announced that – “you recognized the truth and choose the right path.”

Fifth benefit – ‘when I recognized people’s condition, I understood that that they act badly because of jealousy and are envious of each other’s wealth, knowledge and respect. Then I contemplated on this Aayaat-e-karima: “We have distributed their sustenance for their worldly life.” Hence, I acknowledged that firstly, the god has provided provisions for everyone, and they could not be controlled by anyone, secondly whoever has received whatever in life is out of human hands. Consequently, there is no need for envy, accordingly I stopped coveting and befriended everyone.’ Khwaja Shafiq replied “this also you did very well.”

Sixth Benefit – ‘some people in this world have animosity among them and compete with each other for things, in the love of the world they have become the guardians of Satan. Then I pondered on this Aayaat, that “Satan is your enemy” and I knew that Stan is our real enemy and we should no guard him in the love of materialism. For that reason I only obey God’s commandments, this is the only way to fight with our enemy.’ Khwaja Usman Harooni announced that “you have captured the right path.”

Seventh Benefit – Everyone in this world is working very hard for their sustenance and necessities and they have forgotten the difference between haram and halaal and have fallen. Then this Aayaat came to mind – “There is not one creation that God has not provided for.” I accepted that I am one of Lord’s creations, and HE has bestowed for me and started believing that I should spent my time in God’s worship and HE will deliver for me as HE has promised it.’ Khwaja Sahib declared that “You have understood well.”

Eighth Benefit – ‘When I observed God’s creation I realized that everyone believes in something, some believe in silver and gold, some in lands, some on friends and relatives. And I applied this Aayaat in my life – “The one who believes God, Allah is enough for them.” The real benefit lies in having faith in God and it is adequate for me. He is my greatest source.’ Khwaja Usman-e-Harooni (R.A.) pronounced “Hatim, Khuda give you the strength to follows these lines of reasoning. I am well read in Torah, Bible, Psalms and Quran. These four heavenly books are based on the eight reckonings you have stipulated. Those who engage in these eight pursuits practice these four divine books. And from this discussion I can deduce that human do not need much education but practice.”

Letter Six

‘One day my Sheikh Hazrat Harooni (R.A.) declared that “denial is not seeing to oneself and pledge is only seeing God. The one who sees to self can never be the one to see God. We have to stay in this world for few days, and then we have to renounce it. Hence our being in this world is not important. Only God is eternal. If we comprehend this simple concept then we can reach our objective. Namaz, fasting etc. is the reality and the surface as well. Abandoning this reality and trusting only the exterior is naïve. God has always been there and will always be there. The one who walks on the path to spiritual is blind at first. But when the God provides them with enlighten then their world lights and they follow the path. The heights of this station are that the followers forget themselves and attain God’s nearness and become immortal.”

Seventh Letter

‘The secret of knowledge of spiritualism is the real meaning of Guide, steadfast and ascetic and what are the signs to identify them? The Peers of the way of spiritualism have pointed that ascetic or “Fakir” is the one whose all necessities have been fulfilled, and does not need anything except God. The whole world is God’s mirror. The chiefs have recognized a complete ascetic is the one that is lost in God’s remembrance and does not feel anything, nor happiness or sorrow, and become enchanted in God’s glory and incredibility, thus He/ She only loves God and God is their only ambition. To attain this intensity, one needs yearning and anguish in one’s heart for the Lord or the world. Here world means the person should follow Shari meaning the heart should always be aching and alive in God’s Love or that of the Prophet (S.A.W). Then only would one be able to reach their station and called a true Fakir.’