The word Muharram means “forbidden”. Even before Islam, this month was always known as a sacred month in which all unlawful acts were forbidden, prominently the shedding of blood. Prior to Islam many pious things happened in this month. Prophet Adam السلام عليه was born and entered the Paradise on 10th of Muharram. Prophet Ayyub السلام عليه  was cured from his illness. A way was made in the sea for Bani Israel. Prophet Suleman السلام عليه was ordained King. The oceans and heavens were created. It was also the day when Nuh (Noah) السلام عليه left the Ark.

The day of Ashura “10th of Muharram” is marked by Muslims as a major religious commemoration of the martyrdom at Karbala of Imam Hussein ؒ, a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his followers and family. On this day in Ajmer a procession of pilgrims and khadims recites salutations (salaam), prayers (fateha), recitation of events (kitaab), lectures of events of Karbala (Waz) in the memory of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein ؒand his family. On many places water supply is provided for pilgrims and charities are done, including making cauldrons of Porridge (Haleem) and distributing it among poor.


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